What is BeastMode For The Brave?

US Navy Seal veteran Chris Kyle (American Sniper) and US Navy veteran Talon Smith (Stars Earn Stripes) created BeastMode For The Brave to raise awareness and support for the needs of our veterans returning home from the battlefield and funds to help Veterans and their families. BeastMode For The Brave is the community outreach program for Guardian For Heroes Foundation. The goal is to enable every American to become a Guardian For our Heroes by using their own unique abilities to honor our every man and woman who has ever served and is still serving in our armed forces.

How can you go BeastMode For The Brave?  Take a look at how it all started:

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Each of us has own unique gifts – going BeastMode For The Brave is using those gifts to the extreme to benefit our military heroes.

Some of us have physical abilities – running across America like ultra marathoner George Chmiel, doing 22 pushups like US Marine veteran Jacob Schick (22Kill), or hand-cycling in a triathlon like US Navy Seal veteran Al Kovach (President Paralyzed Veterans of America). 

But others are artists, musicians, dancers, cooks, caregivers, gardeners, gamers, designers, builders, collectors, readers, teachers, students or volunteers.

Whatever your talent is, push yourself to the max to honor and support the veterans that deserve and need our help. Personalize the challenge so you can honor vets with your abilities.

Then share it with others and challenge them to go BeastMode For The Brave.  Have fun with it, be creative and do it all — as Chris Kyle said — to serve those who have served us.  And then, help us help our veterans by donating to BeastMode For The Brave.

The charities we provide funding to provide direct services to Veterans and their families to address issues of body, mind, and soul as they return to civilian life.  Each organization goes through our strict vetting process to assure that at least 95% of the dollars donated to them go directly to serve veterans and the the dollars have the maximum impact to the most veterans we can help.  We also audit each organization to assure they maintain our standards.